Piglets & Hogs

We pride ourselves on only registering the most exceptional examples of the breed, which is usually no more than two or three hogs a year. If you are looking for registered hogs or piglets, please contact us to see what we have available or to get on our waiting list. At the very least we can recommend you to another breeder if we don’t have anything available.

We usually have feeders (barrows only) of varying ages for sale.


  • Two registered gilts from our CTL Charlie x Dancing Farmer’s Horton January 2018 litter. They’re very friendly, flop when you say “bellyrub,” and have gorgeous builds. Ready to be bred for Spring 2019 litters. Should have exceptional mothering instincts and fairly large litters. Their dam is over 8 years old and has only lost two piglets in all her years of breeding, her litters average 7 to 9 piglets per. We would love for them to go to the same home. Trained to two strands of electric. Email for pedigree and pictures.

  • Feeders: We have several feeders of varying ages for sale. Prices range depending on the size and how many you want. Females that didn’t make the cut for registering and barrows (castrated males). Barrows are available to the general public, but females are only sold to people know & can trust not to breed them. If they are unregistered it’s because they do not fit our personal standards. Email for pictures.


Litters planned for 2019:

Coming soon… Email for more info.

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