Fresh - Pure - Homemade


We know what it’s like waking up to find blisters all over your skin or your children’s skin. It’s downright terrifying. That’s why we started making our own soaps, oils, and beauty products.

Our homemade soaps and products are made with nature’s ingredients to help you cleanse your body and your life. Let us help you start living closer to the land.




We’re the Schouten family. After years of feeling disconnected, we bought a small farm and started our regenerative farming journey.

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We raise chickens and registered American Guinea Hogs on our farm in Bear Creek, North Carolina. We believe in raising things the right way; on fresh forage, living the way they were intended to.


100% Homemade Products

Lovingly raised and handcrafted. Our soaps, oils, candles, and salves are made by my family for yours.