Know Your Food

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When you come over, the first thing we'll do is introduce you to the hogs. We'll walk you over to whatever pasture/wood lot the hogs are cultivating and do our "suuuueeee! sssuu-sssuu-suuueeee!" call to lure them in. The younger black beasts will come barreling out of the woods as if their lives depend upon it, snorting and squealing their food alerts as they run. Then the sows will approach with their armies of tiny piglets trailing behind them. All we have to do is guide you into the paddock and the herd takes it from there.

As you give the hogs bellyrubs and try to keep the piglets from devouring your shoelaces, we tell you about the history of the breed, the American Guinea Hog. And after your history lesson we steal you away from the herd to take you inside. There you'll get to try the tastiest meat on this side of the country. Pork so fine it melts in your mouth like butter. It'll ruin all other pork for you.

We do this to install a sense of awareness and respect in you. We want you to realize that this was an animal that probably had a nickname and a favorite place to be scratched. An animal that we knew from birth to its last moment. This creature had a life full of bellyrubs, green pastures, and got to enjoy it with other hogs.

When you leave, we hope you’ll have a new outlook on food, and that never again will you go through a fast food restaurant without wondering about how the animal you're consuming lived.

Know what you're supporting.

Respect your food.